Serving Our Community

Jesus loved to serve. It was His perfect example of showing compassion and kindness. We at Marlboro desire to follow Jesus’ example and serve our community.

Over the years, we have partnered with other local organizations like Cornerstone Women’s Resource Center, Ranch Hope, Bridge the Gap, Salvation Army, and Hope Loft. We have helped to collect and redistribute needed monetary donations, clothing, gifts, and food items.

Most recently, we also began working to directly share with those in our area. Once we are made aware of a need, the appropriate list of items is created. From there, church-goers can access the list and sign-up to help. Privacy is maintained for the recipient.

Supplying tangible goods is only part of the ministry. During this process and even beyond, we pray for the families. We want to continue to uphold them in prayer and they are welcome to share any requests they have with us.

You can be a part of this too! Click here to share a prayer request for yourself or someone and what needs you see in our community.