Church COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Marlboro Seventh Day Baptist Church COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Church Worship Services

· The church sanctuary will be limited to 35 people at a time, which is the estimate of 25%

of capacity, as per current state guidelines for indoor gatherings.

· Seating will be limited to every other pew. Closed pews will be marked.

· The fellowship hall will be available for overflow seating, and for those whom wish to be

seated further apart than in the sanctuary.

· The use of face coverings is encouraged.

· Hand sanitizer stations will be present in the vestibule of the sanctuary and in the

fellowship hall. Hand sanitizer will also be available in certain classrooms.

· Selected windows will be open in every room to facilitate fresh air exchange while the

building is occupied. Do not close these windows.

· Entry doors will be propped open prior to services and closed at the start of worship.

· The doors between the sanctuary and fellowship hall will remain propped open.

· There will be no ‘welcome your neighbor’ with handshakes time during worship service

for the time being. We will say hello at a distance.

· Greeters will not shake hands or distribute bulletins

· The pastor will not ‘pass the microphone’ for the sharing of praises and prayer concerns.

Concerns will be shared by individuals from pews to the pastor, who will remain in the


· The church is installing equipment that will allow livestreaming and recording of services

for those unable to attend in person.

Fellowship Time Between Services

· Snacks will be available in pre-packaged form.

· Attendees are encouraged to fellowship outside of the building and to limit close contact

within the building.

Sabbath School

· Teachers are encouraged to hold classes outside when weather permits.

· Seating in classrooms should be arranged to encourage maximum distance between

attendees not from the same household.

· Class materials should not be shared between participants.

· Livestreaming of Sabbath School classes is not planned at this time. However, video or

phone conference options for adult classes are a possibility. If you are unable to attend

Sabbath School in person due to concerns related to COVID-19 exposure, please reach

out to your class teacher to discuss options for participation remotely.

Facility Use Guidelines and Sanitation Schedule

In order to minimize the amount of sanitation of church surfaces that must be performed each week, the following protocols will be in place.

· The following areas will be considered ‘high use’ and will be cleaned after every use

using the sanitation protocol below.

o Fellowship Hall

o Classroom 2

o Bathrooms in Fellowship Hall

o Kitchen

· Any use of church facilities between weekly worship services will be restricted to the

above areas.

· All upholstered furniture will be removed from the designated high use areas, due to the

difficulty in sanitizing for frequent use. Non-upholstered furniture will be relocated to

these areas for seating.

· A sign-up list for those wishing to volunteer to clean the church following each week’s

service will be posted in the church vestibule. A sanitation protocol will be posted to the

bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.

· Any committee or other group using the church facility between weekly services will

designate one or more individuals to be responsible for sanitizing any rooms used

following the meeting. Such meetings will be restricted to the designated high use