AWANA Kids’ Clubs

We are finishing out the year with a Derby and Carnival!

There will be wooden derby cars the kids (and families) have worked on.  A race track has been built and ready to go! After racing, the kids and have fun with face painting and fun carnival activities! It has been a blast this year and we can’t wait until the Fall!

Clubs meet each Wednesday from 6 – 7:30pm. AWANA is a program that started over 60 years ago with a Biblical foundation and desire to teach God’s word in a fun and exciting way.  They work to keep the materials and applications current and just finished updating their 4-6th Grade curriculum.  If you are interested in taking a glimpse into Awana Clubs, click here to watch a video.

Our youngest group, Cubbies, is for the 3 and 4 year olds (and 5 year olds who haven’t started school yet).

The next group, Sparks, is for Kindergartners through Second Graders.

The oldest group we have, T & T, is for the Third through Sixth Graders.

AWANA Registration Form

As part of the Awana Clubs, each child will get his or her own booklet and shirt (or vest) as well as earn opportunities for awards and prizes.  To help share in those costs, we are asking for a $10 registration fee for the first child. Each additional child’s registration is $5 each.

Optional: A donation of $1 per child each week will also offset some of the cost of snacks and other activity materials.

Questions? Contact Sharon (856) 327-2051