Marlboro Bulletin January 26, 2019

January 26, 2019

God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised
tomorrow to your procrastination.

Praising God Together


Prayer of Invocation

Greeting Each Other

Children’s Message

Sharing and Caring

The Church at Prayer

Hymn of Joy – #505 Love Lifted Me

Scripture Reading – OT – Song of Songs 2:15
NT I Corinthians 5:1-7

Message – Dealing With the Little Foxes

Closing Hymn – # 342 Just As I Am

Closing Blessing


Sabbath Breakfast next week, Feb. 2 at 8:30am! Main dish, fruit, and beverages

Christian Ed. meeting tomorrow, January 27 at 10:30 (unless it snows).




Kathleen Hamilton, she was taken to Elmer Hospital early Thursday morning.
First diagnosis was dehydration but might be more than that. She is being
admitted to Inspira in Vineland.

Yvonne Dickinson ask that we pray for her Poppop (Linford) (My Mom’s Dad)
as my Step-Grandmother Frances went home to be with Jesus Saturday morning.
Also pray for her family (Jones Family) & our family (Landis Family). We will
all miss her but know she is home now ️ Also pray for my Poppop as he is moving
from his private apartment to Personal Care .

Dan Richards (Pastor at Texarkana, Arkansas) had a heart cath and problems were
discovered. He is having quadruple bypass . Please pray for Dan and his family.

Pastor Mynor Soper. He has been sick and in and out of the hospital the last couple

Barbara’s friend needs prayer for heart issues and pneumonia.

Anna Vosburgh needs prayer as she stops taking a long term medication.

Michelle’s cousin, baby Isabella has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and needs
heart surgery. Please continue to pray for her.

Bethany asked for prayers of comfort for her administrator who’s son passed away on
Christmas Eve.

Steve’s sister/niece, Mary, needs prayers of comfort as she begins daily injections
of growth hormones. His mom and step dad also need prayer as they take care of Mary.

Jeanne asked for prayer for a young woman having a baby in February, who the sole
supporter of her family and under a lot of stress.

Lilly asked for prayer for her mom who is expecting.

Holly asked for prayers for Rebekkah, who has a bacterial infection, and for her
mother-in-law, who is recovering from a heart attack and related heart surgery.

Keith requested prayer for a friend, Carol, a single mom of 2, who has terminal cancer.

Bob Budd, requested prayer for his brother, James, who has left home and his family and
needs the Lord’s hand to guide him and keep him.

Please pray for Steve and Donna Levick who had a house fire this past week. Donna is
also fighting breast cancer.


Our Pastor and his family

Our Church as we plan for the coming year

Our Country, our President, and leaders

Our military


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