Marlboro Bulletin January 12, 2019

January 12,2019

“It is never ideal to be passive by accepting whatever is
personally unacceptable.” Steven Redhead

Praising God Together


Prayer of Invocation

Greeting Each Other

Children’s Message

Sharing and Caring

The Church at Prayer

Hymn of Joy – #279 Faith of Our Fathers

Scripture Reading – OT – Genesis 6:5-13
NT – Matthew 24:36-39

Message – As It Was in the Days of Noah

Closing Hymn – # 399 I’ll Tell the World That I’m a Christian

Closing Blessing


Our quarterly/annual business meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, January 13 at 9am.

Advisory Committee meeting January 22 at 7pm.



Dan Richards (Pastor at Texarkana, Arkansas) had a heart cath and problems were
discovered. He is having quadruple bypass . Please pray for Dan and his family.

Kathleen needs continued prayer as she recovers and continues her chemo

Yvonne’s Aunt Lorraine needs prayer as she deals with both cancer and Alzheimer’s.
Her family also needs prayer as they make decisions regarding her care.

Congregational healing from various illness, injuries, and pain relief.

Barb’s sister Betty has a friend, Carolyn O’Connor. who is very ill and in the

Michelle asked for prayer for her cousin’s baby, Isabella, who was born December 30.
Baby Isabella was a little early. Also, pray that Isabella’s family comes to know
Jesus through her birth.

Barbara has asked that we pray for her daughter Katie, who is having problems with
high blood pressure and for her daughter Grace. Also continue to pray for Barbara’s

Pray for Matthew Babcock who is having heart issues.

Continue to pray for:

Our pastor and his family

Our church, as we plan for the coming year

Amanda’s client, Alex, for a new bed and his health issues

LC Brown, pastor of Silver Lake Community Baptist Church, heart issues

Dustin Ayars, pain and issues related to possible MS

Carla’s sister, Victoria

VBS, as planning begins in earnest

Our country, president, and leaders

Praises –
The Dickinson Twins turned 3 years old this week!

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