Marlboro Bulletin 12-6-2018

December 8, 2018

“If you expect great things of yourself and demand little of
others, you’ll keep resentment far away.” ― Confucius,


Prayer of Invocation

Greeting Each Other

Children’s Message

Praising God Together
For Unto Us, Open the Eyes
Christmas Offering
At the Cross

The Second Sabbath of Advent – PEACE

Sharing Our Praises and Concerns

The Church at Prayer

Hymn of Commitment – #349 Trust and Obey

Scripture Reading – Genesis 22:1-14

Message – What Did You Expect?

Closing Hymn – #408 Have Faith in God

Closing Blessing


Let’s praise God together and tell one another of How Great Is Our God!
Index cards are available on the small table. Write out how God has shown
Himself to you and post it on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.

Money for the White Christmas collection for Gift Cards for those less
fortunate, can be so designated and put in the Offering Box.

The Christmas Party set up will be on Sunday, Dec. 16th at 1pm – There are
always things to do ahead of time for the Community Christmas Party! We will
need the activities set, tables up and set and a list of MANY other things to
help it go smoothly that night. Since we were unable to start on it

COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS PARTY on DEC. 19th from 6-8pm!!!! Yay!
-Invite your friends and neighbors! Help us spread the word!
-We are also looking to have activities in the classrooms again. Each year we
feel we are short-handed and do not like having the rooms unattended. We are
having a Lego Room, Cookie Decorating, scented Play dough and the Nursery/Playroom
plus the Photo booth -We also want our guests to feel welcome and need people to
greet and mingle.-Keep an eye out for a list of items to help get the food prep
in order-Let Joanna know how you would like to help out this year!

We are planning to go Christmas Caroling on Dec. 23. If you know of someone who
might appreciate a visit please let Tom know.


The Christmas program and our community outreach

Yvonne’s Aunt Lorraine and the return of her cancer. Also her family as they go
through this difficult time

Our president, government leaders and the military

Mary Mae, Steve Schoen’s niece/sister, born a preemie and now may have to take growth

Ryan Drebes and his bad back pain.

Melanie and her badly burned finger.

George Bush Family

Victoria (Carla’s sister) moved to a nursing home.

Deserea, as she has lost her job

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