Marlboro Bulletin November 25, 2017

November 25, 2017


The road that leads to heaven is risky, lonely,
and costly in this world, and few are willing to
pay the price. Following Jesus involves losing your
life and finding new life in him. David Platt

Praising God Together


Welcoming God’s Presence in Prayer

Greeting Each Other

Children’s Message –

Sharing and Caring

The Church at Prayer

Hymn of Commitment – #467 Anywhere with Jesus

Scripture Reading – Mark 8:34-38

Message – The Realities Of Discipleship

Hymn of Dedication – #470 Footsteps of Jesus

Closing Blessing

Sabbath Breakfast next week starting at 8:30am! Orange
Cinnamon French Toast, French Toast Sticks, fruit, eggs,
and beverages provided. Feel free to bring a dish to share!

This year, the Christmas Party is planned for Wed. Dec. 20.
Christmas Party Planning will be this Sunday at 9am.

Calling all kids! If you want to be involved in a Christmas
presentation for church, please see Lora. You do not have to
get up in front of everyone for this presentation, there are
other ways you can be involved. There will be a meeting for
everyone interested this Sunday, November 26th at 10 AM,
following the Christmas Party planning meeting.

This year we are planning again to give gift cards to those
in need. If you would like to make a contribution to this
cause please so designate it on your check or envelope.

An apology is in order. I neglected to notice that the 21st
is not the fourth Tuesday of the month when I scheduled the
Advisory Committee Meeting for last Tuesday. So to those of
you who actually looked at your calendar and not at your bulletin,
I apologize.

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