Marlboro Bulletin November 4, 2017

November 4, 2017


“Believers who come to know the Scripture in a living way, in both
knowledge and Spirit, can in turn, use this Word to minister to people
around them.” ― Henry Hon

Worshiping With Song


Inviting God’s Presence in Prayer

Greeting Each Other

Children’s Message – Fredom is Simple

Sharing and Caring

The Church at Prayer

Hymn of Joy – #2 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Scripture Reading – Mark 4:26-29

Message – Parable of The Growing Seed

Hymn – #463 Precious Lord, Take My Hand

Closing Blessing


The Evangelism Committee is working on making a visitation team. The goal
of the visitation team will be to go out together to those in need of comfort,
support, or friendship. Visitation will be set up for 1 – 2 times a month to
last an hour or two. If you could share a few hours each month to share God’s
love with others in this type of service, please let Joanna know and sign up
on the Visitation Team list on the bulletin board.

There will be an Evangelism Committee meeting today following Sabbath School.

It is that time of year again. We will be collecting filled shoe boxes for
Operation Christmas Child. You can pickup a box in the vestibule or you can use
your own. Please be sure to read the pamphlet for items that can not be included.
There have been two items added to that list this year. We can not pack toothpaste
or any kind of candy. Customs will not allow these items. Please have your filled
boxes back to the church by Saturday, November 18th. Please pray for the child that
will receive your box. These boxes impact these children in so many ways.

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