Awana Kids’ Clubs begin at Marlboro

Exciting News!

In September we opened our doors to Awana Kids’ Clubs for the first time! After months of planning we started! We had clubbers for all 3 clubs. In September we had our Awana missionary for our area come and speak; we also had bring your favorite stuffed animal night. We started out October with “Ask a Friend Night” and plan on a “Crazy Hair and Sock Night” at the end of the month. Things to look forward to are our “Thanks” night in November and a Christmas Party in December. We look forward to many more clubbers and want the world to know about the “good news” of Jesus.

Pictured is one of the youngest Cubbies proudly wearing his vest and first earned green apple badge.  He earned his badge by memorizing 1 John 4:10 “God loved us and sent his son” and the Cubbie motto – “Jesus Loves Me!”.

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