You sunk my Battleship!…with a flour sock? by RJ and Sarah

We do a lot of really weird stuff, but it is really, really, really fun! – Sarah

If you have ever noticed a patch of white stuff on the trim, in the edge of the carpet, on one of the chairs, here’s why.  First of all, the white stuff is just flour. During Youth Fellowship, Pastor Bob and the youth have created flour socks (tied off of course) to play Human Battleship. The room gets divided in half with tables on their sides. The players then scatter across the floor and lay down.  The human “Battleships” are in place.  A player from one team takes the flour sock and tosses it over the divider hoping it will land on one of the other team’s players.  Pastor Bob serves as referee and also retrieves the flour sock to hand off to a player to return fire.

If you have ever noticed strange circular darkened patches on the walls that was from the bologna toss. Let’s save that explanation for another day…

Yeah those two were pretty fun – RJ

The Marlboro Seventh Day Baptist Youth Fellowship is an active group for people in grades 5th-12th. We meet the first and third Wednesday of every month, we also have supper before Youth Fellowship every first Wednesday. At our meetings we have a bible lesson, discuss any business, and then play games. We held fundraisers, went camping at Ole Bull camp ground in Potter County PA over the summer, visited Scarecrow Hollow for Halloween, and just recently visited a nursing home and gave them cookies and cards for Christmas. We would be more than happy to have more members in our Youth Fellowship.



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