A Presbyterian’s Perspective by Steve Schoen

Two and a half years ago, I married my wife Michele, who is a member Marlboro Seventh-Day Baptist Church. Before that, I’d occasionally attend services with her during my usual Saturday visits. The first time I ever attended, I already had some preconceived notions about Baptist churches. For one, I expected the sermon to be a loud, zealous rant on the fire & brimstone sections of the scripture, with random pauses for a unified, “hallelujah!” Second, I expected the hymns to be foot-stomping, hand-clapping, spirit-rousing praises, the types of songs upon which the Gaithers built their reputation.

Well, it seems I was wrong on both accounts. The sermon was very similar in style and tone to what I was used to hearing at Elsmere Presbyterian Church, which I’d attended for 6 years. As far as the music was concerned, it was precisely the opposite of what I thought would be the case. Many of the hymns were slow, reverent, and unfamiliar to me. I had become accustomed to the more upbeat, organ-heavy, and rhythmic anthems of EPC.

As for the people of Marlboro church, I found them to be welcoming, friendly, and inquisitive. I was bedazzled by the sheer number of people interested in making the acquaintance of Michele’s boyfriend. The Reverend Robert Babcock, who has been affectionately nicknamed “Pastor Bob,” is a kind-hearted man who seems to care deeply for his entire church family. So, if you’re driving around Quinton at 9:30 in the morning and feel your life lacks spiritual fulfillment, stop on by! Just don’t sit in my pew…

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